Trendsetting technology with broad potential

Which association has a northern comic hero with the first turbo diesel outboard in the world? A brilliant idea!

We have developed a worldwide novel technology for a more economical and environmentally friendly generation of diesel engines and air compressors.

Due to their high efficiency, low weight and economic fuel consumption as well as their unbeatably low vibration, NEANDER engines are ideal for many leisure and commercial applications.

3D kurbelwelle

In the process of developing versions for further fields of application on the basis of this engine development, you can find some examples of these in “Applications“.

In the first step, we have already successfully implemented the NEANDER principle of the double crankshaft for use in a turbo diesel motorcycle.

Currently, our focus is on the application of our technology as an outboard engine.

The development of the Dtorque as the world’s first turbo diesel outboard engine with dual crankshaft technology is carried out in our subsidiary Neander Shark GmbH. Serial production of the 50 HP NEANDER Dtorque started in 2018.