Modern All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) as a modern alternative

In commercial use for agriculture and forestry or for municipal organisations, a diesel-powered ATV would be a cheap replacement or an ideal supplement to the usual vehicles, which are too large and uneconomical for many types of work.

Here, the powerful torque of our NEANDER diesel engine ensures that things get moving. Especially in the low speed range, which is important for off-road vehicles and commercial applications when “crawling”, our engine provides unusually high traction.

The low operating costs due to the lower fuel consumption are of decisive importance, especially in intensive use applications. And when work is finished, the ATV offers a welcome second use as a private vehicle.


The following application-specific advantages are especially important:

  • Low ground pressure – Because of its weight advantage, an ATV with a NEANDER achieves very low ground pressures when driving over soft and sensitive surfaces.
  • Good maneuverability – Even in confined spaces, ATVs are very easy to manoeuvre.
  • 3 free power take-offs – Due to the design of the engine, there is the possibility of using the full power of the engine at three further points for couplable ancillary drives such as shredders, shears, high-performance pumps etc.

product example