The car industry is in the course of a fundamental change

Many discussions about the future of the car result in the same questions:

  • How can increasing mobility be catered for in spite of finite resources and increasing prices?
  • What contribution can car manufacturers make to further reduce CO2 emissions?
  • What drive technology is suitable for the future?
  • How can the latter be combined with safety, comfort and driving pleasure?

Futuristic Car

A significant development is already becoming clear: on a global scale, the segment for small cars will increase in importance.

The technology of the Neander engine enables forward-looking and innovative solutions, e.g. compact 2-cylinder engines with 50 or 110 hp, or powerful single cylinder engines for operation as range extenders. We would like to present the latter possibility in more detail:

The hybrid vehicles (vehicles with electric drives) which are now on the market do not really correspond to the actual requirements:

  • The engines which are currently being used are usually too large.
  • Economically convincing combinations with diesel engines do not exist.

A consistent car with a hybrid drive caters for the primary use of a car – everyday use for short-distance travel.
At weekends or on holidays, the short-distance vehicle must also be able to travel long distances.  The engine is used to charge the battery in intermittent operation; the battery is charged from the mains when stationary, or via a single cylinder Neander diesel engine for mobile charging.

product example Range Extender: