Coupling of power and heat for efficient use of energy.

Combined heat and power stations (CHPs) are a promising option for energy saving and can be used in almost any type of building: schools, gyms, municipal buildings or individual houses.

CHPs can be installed without great expense in the boiler room and are characterised by low maintenance costs and a long service life.

Here too: the smaller and more powerful the better.

The powerful, compact and lightweight Neander engines are the ideal Basis for CHPs. Above all, because their low vibration eliminates the expensive vibration insulation which is otherwise necessary.


The following application-specific advantages are especially important:

  • Connection for a heat pump – The availability of an additional power take-off with the double crankshaft enables a very efficient combination with a heat pump.
  • Low space requirements – In many cases, a Neander single-cylinder engine would be adequate for the CHP. This considerably reduces the space required


product example: