Compressor – Stationary

Too much either/or.

Stationary air compressors are used for the production of a wide range of products, both in craft workshops and large companies: whether for daily use in the production processes, for driving cylinders and turbines or for cooling technical processes.

In many areas, oil in combination with the production of compressed air leads to great problems:

both with regard to a responsible behaviour towards the environment and employees and also with regard to process reliability, which can only be achieved by the oil-free generation of compressed air.

Of course, even the alternative costly process of filtering the oil out compressed air produced by lubricated compressors cannot be regarded as satisfactory.

At present there are two possibilities of reacting to this:

  • Use of a cheap oil-free piston compressor, which however only allows a very limited operating period and often has an unsatisfactory final pressure.
  • Use of scroll or screw compressors, which however are relatively large and are expensive to buy and maintain.

A combination of the advantages of both systems would be ideal…

Therefore we expand the applications spectrum of ouNeander engine in  thifield  in the future.