The new generation of high-performance diesel engines.

Neander Motors develops and markets an innovative generation of engines, which is unique in the world: low-cylinder high performance diesel engines with double crankshafts.

Our technology opens up two possibilities:

  • the deployment of powerful, compact diesel engines for fields in which up to now, only petrol engines can be used. For the very first time, the many advantages of diesel engines over petrol engines can now be used for many applications, e.g. for outboard motors or motorcycles.
  • the replacement of multi-cylinder diesel engines, e.g. for generators or cars.

The powerful torques of Neander 1 and 2 cylinder units cover a power range from 12 to 110 hp.

Derived from the successful conclusion of our fundamental research for the world’s first turbo-diesel motorcycle, we are currently selling the world’s first turbo diesel outboard engine with dual crankshaft technology.