NEANDER Dtorque 111

Technology for the outboard sector.

A modern outboard engine nowadays has to comply with strict requirements, especially in respect of commercial applications. Besides the priority of safety on board, efficiency and economical aspects are most important.

A fisherman expects reliable performance and efficiency during his day-to-day business. Stable performance is fundamentally required in case of emergency for police and military forces as well as for the use of tender boats of cruise liners and container ships.

Particularly for charter businesses safety and low operational cost are essential. The boats have to run reliably during the in general short season. If required an outboard is changed quickly and the client can go on with his boat trip.

All these demands are covered by the NEANDER Dtorque turbo diesel outboard engine:

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Outstanding operational safety
  • Ease of access to diesel fuel
  • Powerful drive
  • Low vibration
  • Diesel engine durability and reliability

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