There are globally no diesel drives existing for many applications…

… e.g for outboard motors, motorcycles – although there are many significant advantages over petrol engines:

  • lower fuel consumption
  • less CO2 emissions
  • better performance characteristics
  • longer range
  • greater safety and
  • simpler fuel logistics

In addition, diesel units are often oversized in comparison with their power output, for example for generators, sailing boats or cars.

There are technological reasons for this. The cause lies in the very large vibrations which are produced by internal combustion engines based on the diesel principle, especially when they are idling.

With conventional diesel technology, these vibrations, which are unacceptable in daily use, can only be reduced by the use of multiple cylinder engines (at least 4 cylinders) and by means of a large mass or sophisticated motor mountings.
This in turn results in a large volume, weight and an expensive construction, which makes the use of diesel engines impossible for many applications. Up to now.

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