Good arguments for all relevant aspects

Lower manufacturing costs

The reduced fuel consumption of low cylinder Neander diesel engines results in significant fuel savings:

  • approx. 35% compared with petrol engines
  • approx. 10% compared with multiple cylinder diesel engines

Less CO2emissions

The optimisation of the environmental compatibility of internal combustion engines is becoming decisively important to our society. The reduced consumption of the Neander engine results in correspondingly lower CO2 emissions.

More efficient fuel logistics

For many areas, e.g. marine use or agricultural and military use, the parallel supply of two different types of fuel (petrol and diesel) is economically unacceptable.

The transition from currently used petrol engines to diesel engines will have an extremely positive effect on the efficiency of fuel logistics.

Greater driving comfort

The vibrations which an engine produces not only cause annoyance and reduce comfort; they also put strain on other components or the entire vehicle.

The completely smooth running which the Neander crankshaft technology makes possible is the key to the use of diesel engines in areas in which  there is no opportunity for damping measures due to lack of space or weight restrictions (e.g. in outboard motors).

Greater dynamics

Wherever Neander diesel technology can replace a petrol engine, a better power development and acceleration can be achieved thanks to the much greater torque. This increases not only driving pleasure but also the power output.

Greater safety – lower investment costs

The explosion hazard from petrol is contrasted by the low inflammability of diesel fuel. The high investment costs which are currently necessary for appropriate safety measures can therefore be saved.

4 Power take-off shafts

A special feature of the double crankshaft is the availability of 4 power takeoffs. In many fields of application, such as in agriculture or military use, power take-off shafts, belt drives and hydraulic pumps can also be coupled in parallel to the main drive shaft.