Training video

Neander Motors continues to develop a world-class After Sales Service for its customers by introducing a robust training video series. 

The first kick-off video in the series ‘Installing the Dtorque 50’ has just been released and is available on our Website and YouTube. This video provides an excellent example of how the Owner’s Manual can be used to install and rig the Dtorque to a rib. 

In conversation with Tom Sell from Eyos Tenders, Benjamin Hopkins, Neander’s Aftersales Manager, demonstrates the installation process with detailed step-by-step instructions in the video. He explained: “Our customers have told us watching someone actually installing the engine or completing a service would be very useful for them. Giving our customers as much helpful information as possible helps them have the effortless learning experience we’re aiming for.”  

As part of its strategy to provide the very best learning experiences, Neander Motors is very pleased to have contracted Educational Consultant, Joy Giannaros, to establish and implement a Learning and Development strategy which exceeds customer expectations. Joy is a qualified teacher and experienced educational leader with over 15 years designing and delivering courses. She holds a masters degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Cambridge. 

Joy commented that: “a video can reveal a whole lot more about a process than what’s written in a manual, and can also help clarify any potential uncertainties. This video is one of many in a comprehensive plan to create engaging learning experiences for Neander’s customers.” 

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